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A few pictures of our work..

Custom made light wheight ally fuel tank
and battery box.

Class 7 cinquecento twin blackbird.

Mini side cage class 7.

Class 7 or 8 Drive box Alloy milled for ligtness.

Front end of new build Cinquecento.

Full space frame class 4 for 2010 season.

Class 4 mini front space frame - russ tyler engine.

A few pictures of our work.

Class 7 nose cone and steering rack

Class 2 nova - 1300cc

Alloy hub - Class 4 - & calliper mount

Tony law custom exhaust manifold.

Fullon fabs pedal box.

Class 4 side view space frame.

Alloy bulk head behind seat - custom fabrication.

Twin K&N airfilters - Tony Law Custom Exhaust manifolds -

Twin rev counters custom fabrication out of light weight alloy.

Alloy battery box & fuel tank.

Cinquecento twin gsxr 1000's highly tuned.

Cinquecento front view recently sprayed for 2010 season.

Class 7 Light weight kirkey seat

kirkey seat in Cinquecento for 2009 rebuilt for 2010 season

1500 class 7 busy 225bhp

Class 4 mini 1130 Russ Tyler
Engine - 3rd season of racing.

Class 7 mini - 1430 Suzuki.

Stock hatch new build 2010 season - peugeot 205 - 1.6gti.

Class 7 mini blackbird - 2010


A few pictures of our work..

Class 7 mini shell for a Hayabusa - WIde arches. 1300

Stock Hatch - Peugeot 205 - Won fastest man on grass 2008

New build for 2010 season mini bulk head.

Mini blackbird class 7 - 1230cc

New build mini class 7 on jig

Side view of class 7 Cinquecento


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