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Typical Autograss Car Parts Catalogue

You can see below some of the typical prices we incur when wokring out your
Grass Track Car Building Cost. These prices aren't dead-set, they may vary depending on
the quality and availability of the items. We'll be updating this page with a more detailed catalogue
of parts available to purchse 'off-the-shelf'. If you have a requirement for any parts or components
relating to your own grass track project then please feel free to get in touch and we'll try our best to help.

Item Cost From..
Front Hub Kit 250.00
Rear Hubs 80.00
Rear 3/4 Joins 140.00
Front 1/2 Joins 64.00
Battery RedTop 170.00
180 Bend 15.00
Drive Shaft 160.00
Petrol Top 15.00
Nuts & Bolts 20.00
Engine Bolts 10.00
8 Long Wheel Bolts 8.00
Gear Cables 200.00
K & N Filters 200.00
Wheel Spacer 10.00
5/8/34 60.00
Throttle Cable 66.00
Shocker Mounts 20.00
Anti Roll Bar Mounts 20.00
Water Pumb 10.00
Bat Box / Switch 110.00
Rev Counters 100.00
Bulk Head 80.00
Gear Levers 30.00
Switches 60.00
CBR Brake Front 60.00
Petol Pump 50.00
Paint 110.00
Wiring Stuff 96.00
Switches Lights 27.00
Rear Wheel Bearing 65.00
Back Arms 125.00
Bottom Arms 60.00
Top Arms 40.00
Stearing 40.00
Pedal Box 40.00
Stear Boss 35.00
Clutch 35.00
Petrol pipes & Berathers 45.00
All bolts for car 107.00
Oil 60.00
Brake Bits 42.00
Labour 2,000.00

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