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What We Do at Full-On-Fabrications

Full-On-Fabrications designs and builds high end custom grass track cars. From an idea on the back of a fag packet through the design process and taken to completion, we offer a complete Autograss car construction service. We also rebuild existing cars and upgrade/modify your smashed up racer. Feel free to give us a call to see if we can help, we usually can.

  Full Grass Track/Autograss Shell Shot Blasting
One of the first jobs we have to do with a typical build is to shot blast the shell to see what we're working with. We have a huge workshop dedicated to shot blasting so we can blast complete shells or smaller items like brackets and wheels etc. Once we know what we are working with, we can plan the rest of the build. Depending on the condition of the shell we may replace panels, add extra large flared arches and flatten out and fill any dents.
  Tubular Chasis / Frame Manufacture
Once the shell is prepared, we get it on jacks and rip everything out that's not going to be in the finished article. We can now get to work measuring up the shell and drawing up the plans for the chassis/frame build.
  Building the frames to the highest possible safety standards whilst remaining as light as possible is our aim with any project we undertake. Because every project is different in some way, the engines may be different or the shell may be obscure, either way every frame chassis we build is of the highest standard.
  Exhaust Manifolds
We have specialist pipe bending equipment capable of acutely bending pipes upto 3" in diameter so even the most complicated exhaust manifolds can be created.
  Autograss Drive Train Brakes & Suspension
We either buy in the drivetrain if possible or we can manufacture our own depending on the specifications of the grass track car build. Made from drilled lightened aluminium these gears are the strongest out there.
  The Cooling System
We utilise a proven highly effective cooling system which is both light weight, small and robust capable of easily cooling the 2 bike engines in the most gruelling race conditions.

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